“During my tenure as the President & CEO of CFMA, I worked with Dina for ten years, where she demonstrated her "well-tuned" abilities as the Director of Meeting Services. The execution of her negotiation, organizational, planning and managerial skills resulted in events, varying in size from small committee meetings, to large Annual Conferences, that were outstanding successes. In addition, her knowledge of the industry afforded her well, as she also functioned as a program content planner, guiding and working with industry specialists to produce meaningful and well-received conference programs of varying formats and venues. One of her many strengths was her "calm, cool and collected" demeanor when producing events that can often provide challenges requiring immediate and sound decision-making. Dina is a trustworthy and reliable asset to any organization with high caliber values and work ethic, and a behavior guided by a high standard of excellence.

-Bill Schwab, CAE, President & CEO, Construction Financial Management Association


"I have worked with Dina over the past few years as a speaker at her events. Being a former meeting planner, I was exceptionally impressed with all aspects of her work. Her communication was always clear and timely, she followed through on all levels of detail, and those attributes funneled down to her team, who communicated & performed in a similar way. The best recommendation I can say is that in speaking to her conference attendees, they had nothing but excellent things to say about the organization of the event...no small feat for a mega-conference.”

-Jim Spellos, Owner, MeetingU


“I have had the pleasure of working with Dina for over 10 years. Among her many gifts are her: strong organizational skills, attention to detail, time management, flexibility and creativity. Dina is hard working, intelligent, compassionate and dedicated.”

-Susan Flood, Art & Design Manager, CFMA


“I worked with Dina in my role as a National officer of CFMA and as part of several national committees. Her work and demeanor are thoroughly professional and I highly recommend her. Dina is able to juggle a million details and yet still see the big picture. I appreciate her common sense approach and a get-it-done mentality. In addition, she has the one "must have" quality for her profession - calm under fire.”

-Todd Taggart, Partner, Grant Thornton


“Dina is an exceptional event manager with her eye on every detail. She’s planned and managed many Conferences. Dina was quick to accommodate us at the last moment when we changed technical requirements (while I know she was pulling together many details much larger than our needs!).”

-Christa Gaylord, Events | Social Marketing Specialist, Viewpoint Construction Software


“It is my pleasure to recommend Dina as I have served under her leadership for the past four years on CFMA’s National Conference Planning Task Force. Under Dina’s leadership this conference has continually provided a premier conference experience for the attendees while providing the best educational value in our industry. Dina has incredible talents in leading the task force to continually improve the conference’s program and value. Dina is also very creative in her approach and is capable of coming up with new and fresh ideas to energize the events that she directs. Dina is a trusted and valuable resource of our organization!”

-Shane Hall, Controller, Story Construction


"Dina is the ultimate professional in meeting planning. We worked closely for 13 years on the CFMA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Each year, conference attendees would rave how she topped the previous year's conference for quality speakers and networking events. Dina always set the bar to a higher level for herself, and then exceeded those goals. I highly recommend Dina for her meeting planning, budgeting and negotiating skills. She is a detailed oriented team player who is an asset to any organization with whom she works.”

-Ron Kress, Director, Sales & Advertising, AboutTime


“Dina is a true Professional, always seeking to improve our conferences and meetings and I proudly endorse Dina. Over the past years I have been an attendee, speaker, and participated on local and national conference planning teams and in all cases have seen Dian's commitment to the best conference experience for all Participants, Speakers, Exhibitors and Guests”

-Brian Cooney, VP- CFO, Barriere Construction Co LLC


“I Love working with Dina because she gets it. Dina is professional, fair and balanced in her approach to business. Nice , but no push over, you work hard for her because you know that when it comes to business she has given you all the information to make good decisions and while she has the interests of her organization as a priority, Dina knows that her supplier partners will deliver based on win-win. Dina is a creative marketer and knows her customer base and how to reach them effectively. Conference attendees have choices and in a tough economy Dina has done a remarkable job generating enthusiasm to participate in an annual program. Her positive nature and genuine personality makes her a pleasure to work with.”

-Bob Korin, Eastern Region Sr. Sales Manager, Hilton Hotels of Hawaii


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dina since 2005 when we attended the CFMA Spring Creek Leadership Retreat together. Since that year we have collaborated very closely on the CFMA Conference Planning Task Force. Dina is an exceptionally talented professional that I hold in the highest regard. She is extremely conscientious, tremendously dedicated, phenomenally well organized, and exceptionally committed to execution on even the smallest of details. I have experienced firsthand the benefits of Dina's organizational skills and acumen in meeting/event planning. I know Dina as a well-rounded person with interests outside her work. She is devoted to her family and she is a thoughtful friend. The opportunity to collaborate with Dina in my work and as a volunteer leader for CFMA has resulted in a memorable partnership and a valued friendship.”

-Calvin (/Cal) Beyer, Vice President


"Dina's experience and professionalism has elevated the Annual Conference and Exhibition to new levels of excellence. Without her leadership, the event would not have prospered as it has. She is truly a shining star. She is a delight to work with and I look forward to serving under her leadership for future events."

-John Corcoran, Executive Director, CICPAC


"I've known Dina for 3 years and in that short time I've realized that I've encountered the best event planner I'll ever meet. She has that unique ability to make every person feel welcomed and well cared for - to feel like a special guest. And when you get to know her, you learn it's because that is exactly how she feels about everyone. Dina turns chaos into order, finds solutions for every problem big and small, and she makes it all look easy - which all of us who have managed meetings and events know is never the case."

-Wayne Newitts, Marketing Director, Dexter + Chaney


"I have had the pleasure of working with Dina in planning several conferences for almost a decade and have attended many other dinners and functions for which she has been responsible for the event coordination. She chooses outstanding venues which are right for the occasion. Dina is a consummate event and conference planner, always in control of the situation and quick to act to maintain the integrity of the event. She is always prepared and runs very effective committee meetings, both in person and via teleconference."

-Danny Parrish, Owner, Parrish Consulting Group


“I have personally worked with Dina since 2001. Of perhaps more than 1000 conference managers I've worked with over the years Dina ranks among the very top as one of the most professional, efficient and detail oriented. With Dina, there is never a question that all will go smoothly and with a minimum of fuss - this in an industry where these are major concerns. It is a genuine pleasure to be able to work with Dina each year."

-Laurens Vernot, Owner, BodyWorks Massage 


"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity “I have been in the speaking businesses for over 15 years. I've always said that it takes a very special person to coordinate a meeting. Dina O'Rourke is by far one of the best in the Meetings Industry. Her greatest quality is her ability to make business fun and personal. It is obvious that Dina loves what she does and it shows. I am looking forward to working with her for another successful event!"

-Steve Rizzo, Professional Speaker


“Dina is thorough, detailed and very effective in her management of conferences. I have often been amazed at how cool and collected she can be while managing the myriad of last minute challenges that inevitably come up with these events.”

-Steve Lords, CFO 


"Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.  Dina is awesome to work with. She is always helpful, friendly and attentive to our company needs. A consummate professional that makes the customer feel like they matter. I wish more associations had someone like Dina working for them."

-Steve McGough, HCSS, Chief Operating Officer


“Dina has impressed me greatly with her level of skill and attention to detail in planning our CFMA national conferences. Her care in selection of locations, coordination of staff services and checking on the level of facilities ensures a great conference product that our CFMA members appreciate and highly value. Once a member attends one of the conferences, they always want to come back and that is due in no small part to the tremendous effort Dina puts in to ensure conference quality. I have recently worked with Dina on the National conference planning as well as some planning for a local conference and am constantly impressed by her organizational skills and dedication to obtaining the best facilites for the best value. She does careful research and is very responsive to the needs and questions of all members of our organization. CFMA is very fortunate to have Dina coordinating our biggest and finest events.”

-Kevin Foley, CFO, E. Allen Reeves, Inc. (business partner)


“Dina recognizes that relationships are the key to an association's meeting success. As a member and speaker at the CFMA's 2010 Annual Conference & Exhibition my experience was delightful throughout the entire process. Her coordination skills and follow-up made my preparation tasks a breeze. I look forward to working with Dina more as the CFMA embraces social media and thank her for a job well done.”

-Carol Hagen, Business Consultant for Construction, Hagen Business Systems Inc.


"I worked with Dina as co-chair of the then Conference Planning Committee for 2 years. The amount of effort that goes into making any conference a success is difficult to imagine unless you are involved. Dina's leadership skills and abilities make CFMA's conference the premier event it is, better than any other similar event I have ever attended."

-Christopher L. Ciccone, CPA


"I admire Dina's ability to mix professionalism with general care and interest in others. It's unusual to see people in a role such as hers who take the time to get to know the people with whom they are dealing. As a result, doing business with Dina is a pleasure, and as a supplier, it makes me want to do as much for her as I can. She has an innate ability to get the job done well for her organization, and make everyone involved feel success.”

-Linda Pond Rindos, CMP, CASE, Boston Park Plaza


“I have worked with Dina for over 13 years on the CFMA annual conference. She values partnership and collaboration with her service partners to make the event a success each and every year. Her attention to detail and communcation skills are impecable.”

-Mike Ferenc, Senior Sales Manager, Freeman


"I have worked with Dina for a number of years in putting together a major annual conference. It is Dina's hard work, intelligence and drive which allow the rest of us, organization members, to put together a successful conference without our having personal knowledge of how meetings are organized or what the requirements might be both from the side of the organization and the facility where we are planning our conference. Dina's steady hand keeps us on task. She is a wonder! I wholeheartedly recommend Dina O'Rourke as a master of meeting planning and operation."

-Rick Huber, Surety Underwriting Consultant, Liberty Mutual Surety 


“I have worked with Dina for more than 13 years in her role as the go-to meeting professional for CFMA. Her ideas are always creative and fun, and her attention to detail is amazing whether it be a meeting for 5 or 500. She invests herself completely in each and every event and has true passion for her profession. Dina is always available and ready to address any issues that may arise on-site with enthusiasm and genuine concern as well as able to offer timely, practical solutions in those situations. Dina is a consummate meeting professional with a commitment level second to none, and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

-Erica O'Grady, CAE, Executive Director, Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals